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Maximize Your Customer Acquisition Potential With Business Exchange

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Develop a robust company profile with Business Exchange. The more information your profile has, the more exposure your company will get.

On Business Exchange, your company is part of a strong network of current and future clients. This means it’s easy for B2B companies to collect and distribute testimonials online, generating warm leads and increasing sales.

Success or failure is defined by client testimonials. Writing testimonials for other companies creates an ever-growing network of exposure.

If you want to purchase a product or service in the B2B market, you can use the extensive Business Exchange database to match your requests with suitable vendors. You can post RFPs (Request for Proposals) and as a buyer, you’ll have the power to filter and validate incoming proposals and suppliers based on their reputation.

Subscribe to this service to get a daily stream of fresh information regarding who is looking for your company's products and services. As a vendor, you’ll also have the power to filter and validate potential buyers through the Business Exchange platform. You can hand-pick buyers you want to work with based on their reputation. You can also use mutual connections on our Business Exchange network to get a warm introduction to a potential buyer

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Business Exchange makes it easy to grow your company with a streamlined way to share feedback from your existing customers. We do this by offering tools that allow you to share testimonials across social networks and enhance SEO ratings of your company’s web page.

This offers visibility, creating worldwide recognition of your company through testimonials from customers.

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